Emergencies are not planned! When the emergency involves your dog the stakes go up. The K9 First-aid app is your one stop app to give you the education that will greatly improve your chance for a favorable outcome. K9 First-aid app will provide access to guidance on what to do when common emergencies are encountered.

The app will also help you keep your pet safe by learning what emergency supplies to have, when they should contact their veterinarian and where to find a veterinarian that is open now. App also will provide locations of pet-friendly hotels and restaurants and give the you access to nearby dog parks. You will also have access to a custom journal to track all adventures with your dog. 

Having a first-aid kit is essential for a positive outcome and you will have access to our pet first aid kit list as well as access to step-by-step instructions and images for common first aid and emergency situations. First-aid examples:  Control bleeding, Bloat, Blue/Green Algae, Choking, CPR, Porcupines and Skunks, Snakes, Toad and much more. 

Other features in the app is directions to get K9 First-aid and CPR Certified. There are both in person courses and online education available. Links are also provided to purchase the book K9 MEDIC UNLEASHED by Author Eric “Odie” Roth. K9 First-aid and CPR app also has links to your favorite podcast platform where you can listen to the latest episode of “To save a pet’s life” 

More than a century ago, the great scientist Louis Pasteur said “Chance favours only the prepared mind.” By this, he meant that sudden flashes of insight don’t just happen, but are the product of preparation. This app will be instrumental in providing the best outcome for your dog. Be prepared and learn how to save the life of your dog.