K9 First Aid and CPR training since 2009

Learn how to save the life of your dog during an emergency.

Students Trained In K9 First-Aid and CPR

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Save the Life of your Dog!


Courses specific to our First Responders.  Skills include splinting, bleeding control, intubation, drug administration, iv placement, and behavior recognition. 

Courses are specific to Colorado Senate Bill  14-039 which was signed into law in 2014

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Are you a Non-Profit 501(c)3?

We are looking to partner with non-profit agencies and give back! We understand that fundraising has became difficult with the COVID-19 pandemic. Regular challenges include acquiring new donors, diversifying funding sources, donor retention and increasing demand/staff constraints. We have a solution to your aid in your fundraising efforts!

What does our Focused Fundraiser Program include?

K9 Educators will return $20 per student who enrolls into any of our Pet First-aid and CPR courses with your designated promotion code. Funds are distributed electronically to your non-profit on the first day of every month.If only 250 followers were to take any course in Pet First-aid and CPR that would equate to $5,000 as a donation to your non-profit.There is nothing you need to do on your part other than to reach out to your followers and promote the course as a fundraiser. We can create custom 30-60 second videos and flyers for you to promote.

   It’s a WIN….

  • For the non-profit as you receive funds during these trying times.
  • Everything is online and requires no in person events.
  • For the Pet owners as they receive the education to provide care to their pet.
  • For the Pet as they will receive the care they deserve in a time of need.
  • For us as we get to do what we love- Teach!

From founder Eric "Odie" Roth

Advice to you...

I would say to make yourself a better version of you every day. Many dog owners admit they love their dog more than they like people and consider their dog as part of the family. By being prepared, you will be able to provide first aid to the ones you love in their time of need. With some education you just might be able to recognize when your dog is facing a life-threatening situation and be able to act promptly. In my case, when I lost Sampson, I was left with a tremendous amount of guilt. I feel guilty is one of the most helpless feelings a soul can endure. Guilt is not something that is time-stamped and at times, it may be with you for years. We emphasize to students, do not base your success on the outcome, base your success on your effort and put everything you have into what is close to your heart.