K9 Medic Unleashed is about learning how to take care of your dog in the event of an emergency. Author Eric Roth is a paramedic for a busy 911 system and has been teaching people how to save the life of their dog by using paramedic first aid techniques since 2009.

Since there is no 911 for canines, Eric takes his world as a paramedic and shows the reader how to apply it to dogs. One thing the book gives to the readers is confidence. Confidence that no matter what the situation involving their dog, they will not only be prepared, but be able to provide care for the best possible outcome.

Content covers over 20 first-aid items including first aid kits, torn pads, dog fights, seizures, broken bones, electrical injuries, muzzling and bleeding control. There is special attention to choking, bloat, and poisons.

Eric writes in a format that is very conducive for learning, and you will be better prepared for any emergency involving your dog. K9 Medic is a must-read and a book that any dog lover will enjoy.

AVAILABLE IN SOFT COVER  ($19.95) or EBOOK ($9.99)

   About the Author…

Eric “Odie” Roth is a Colorado native and has been in the fire service for over 25 years. He currently works as a Safety and Medical Officer for the Westminster Fire Department in Colorado. In this role he is responsible for over 54 Paramedics and over 80 EMT Basic Technicians. Odie has been awarded 5 life-saving awards from the City of Westminster Fire Department.

Odie has operated a CPR education company and has been teaching American Heart Association CPR, and Advanced Cardiac Life Support. He developed his K9 First aid and CPR  course and has taught over 2300 people since 2009 the skills how to take care of mans best friend as a Paramedic.  

Odie also has been a key note speaker at several conventions including the National Service Dog Conference and the National Whippet Foundation and most recently been nominated to provide a TED talk. He has also authored a book called “K9 MEDIC.” 

Odie has a passion for education and is well know in the Fire Community. Eric has traveled to less developed countries to help them in establishing an entire EMS system from the ground up. Eric was also honored as a home town hero at one of the NHL Stadium Series Hockey games in 2016.