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Mock code training can be very beneficial to staff and employees who might encounter a cardiac arrest. All of our mock code trainers are PALS and ACLS instructor certified. Once we arrive, we will set up the scenerio with our Sim-man Manikin. The Sim-man can reproduce actual pulses and has the ability to present as a very sick patient. 

The training will consist of several types of scenarios; in the first scenario our instructor will observe the actions of the staff and record several benchmarks including the time of “code” activation to the first chest compression, 911 activation and time to the first AED shock. We identify and evaluate your staff’s initial procedure and approach to patient assessment as it pertains to the scenario. We will not intervene throughout the case scenario. We then offer your team the opportunity to voice their questions and concerns of the mock code. At this point, our instructor will explain and place emphasis on areas of strength, weakness, and the concept based on the 2015 American Heart Association’s guidelines.

Several more case scenarios will be conducted embedding by way of muscle memory, team concept and the value of “practice as you will treat” mindset. Each time we visit, your code team’s cohesiveness improves dramatically which translates to an increased chance of the patient gaining a return of spontaneous circulation and improved outcomes.

2 Hour Session cost: $285.00

  • What is included:
  •  2 hour minimum on-site.
  • Hands-on code practice using ACLS case scenarios
  • A certificate of participation satisfying Joint Commission Training Standards.
  • Up to 20 people per session.


or call 303-916-9190